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Arne Rønnestad 


Impossible to dislike!!


"I can hear love, peace and melancholy

in this sensouous gift from

Arne Rønnestad".


Birte Bjørnås

Arne Rønnestad - På Vei (On my way)
© 2003-2004 NOVA Multimedia

Relaxing, harmonious instrumental music -
for wellbeing and reflection!

Listen to this CD:

1. På Vei (On my Way)
Solvind (Sun Wind)
One Only
Hymne (Hymn)
Nye Spor (New Tracks)
Sorti (Exit)
Pity That We´re Not Alone
Lengsel (Longing)
Just To Live
Fantasi (Fantasy)

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Barliveien 10
N-5142 Fyllingsdalen

Norwegian music in all genres has success. Arne Rønnestad is a name for the music audience, though he has been active in the business for many years. Arne is a keyboard player, guitarist and composer. Inspired by american artists like Koinonia and David Foster, he has made his own album "On my way". For years he had his own studio "NOVA", and he prodused and recorded this CD. He has a great sense for melody, harmony and over all for the different moods music can reflect.

His debut CD "På Vei" ("On my way") is a kind of summary where the music has come into being over a 20-year period. Different aspects of his musical creativity are represented on the CD. The music, both electric and acoustic, is relaxing and leads you into wellbeing and reflection. It is all instrumental music, and if it should be classified, it would sort under jazz or New Age. The 12 tracks are apparently simple, but they have many levels. It is music to grow into.

Arne is involved in the connection between health and music, and his relation to dr. Audun Myskja at Senter for Livshjelp ("Tools for Living") have influenced his musical thinking. In addition to the artistic value, this is also a CD where the health aspect of the music brings an underlying quality to the CD.

Arne Rønnestad is naturally the main musician on the CD. His delicate playing on keyboards and acoustic guitar is an enjoyment on all tracks. Helge Øye (from the group "Trollsti") plays alto and soprano sax on three tracks. Gunnar Grov (from "Greenland Whalefishers") plays bass on "Nye Spor" (New Tracks) and Bjørn Breilid is playing sologuitar on "Samba".

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